Aarhus Aug 2017


  • 9th August,  Brisbane to Melbourne (KT4XCL)
    Departs 09:30 (Wed) Arrives 14:25 KT4XCL



  • 11th August,  Emirates EK405  Melbourne to Singapore 6H67VJ
    Departs 18:00 (Fri) Arrives 23:50 (Fri)
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  • 15th Aug  Emirates EK405  Singapore to Dubai
    Departs 01:40 (Tues)  Arrives 04:50
    Emirates EK515  Dubai to Copenhagen
    Departs  08:20   Arrives  13:15 
  • 15th Aug   Accommodation TBA
  • 16th Aug  Copenhagen to Aarhus
    Departs       Arrives

  • XX  Aug   Aarhus to Copenhagen
    Departs     Arrives 
  • xx th Aug   Accommodation AirB&B 
  • 31st Aug  (Thurs)  Emirates EK152 Copenhagen to Dubai
    Departs  15:35   Arrives  23:55

    QF10  Dubai to Melbourne
    Departs  01:35 (Fri)   Arrives  20:55 (Fri)



  • 4th Sept Melbourne to Brisbane
    Departs 09:30 (Wed) Arrives 14:25 KT4XCL

FF QF 2237524; QF o288310