Western Port


Many snapper anglers prefer to concentrate along the edges of the main shipping channels. The deep water running along the western shore of Phillip Island from the Nobbies to Cowes (Buoys 1–13) is a proven snapper area that fishes best on the last two hours of the floodtide. The deepwater drop-offs and reefs found out from Stony Point and Hanns Inlet are also choice snapper grounds.

Lysaughts (GPS: S38.17.372, E145.15.184) is on the bank and  has a rough bottom of about 8 m  with plenty of cunje. It fishes best October–December, and the last 90 mins of either tide can be productive. The Middle Channel (GPS: S38.19.216, E145.16.352) is similar to Lysaughts, in about 12 m of water, on the edge of the channel off the Middle Spit. The bottom is well covered with weed and other habitat-forming growth.

Ventnor (S38.26.388, E145.12.650) is in 26 m of water, and best fished on slack water, or when there are neap tides such as on the new moon. It can produce snapper October–March.

Behind the Hastings buoy (S38.19.188, E145.14.030) on the edge of the channel is 16 m deep and a good spot to fish on the turn of the tide for 2–3 kg snapper.